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Education in Emergency

Education is said to be the key to driving development in any nation. The majority of nations that have attained self-sufficiency have a continuous and efficient education system. With robust educational development, we can be sure of growth in the economy, a reduction in the crime rate, increased life expectancy, the availability of high-quality health care systems, improved and equal opportunities, and the availability of skilled human resources and a skilled workforce, among several other benefits.

Although education is said to be free in Nigeria, the country has about 20 million out-of-school children, the 3rd highest number in the world, according to UNESCO. Bearing in mind these disturbing and alarming figures, we at Rise to Inspire Africa Initiative, have made it our mandate to continue to support government and development partners’ efforts in driving quality education support to vulnerable and out-of-school children.

Most nations that have acquired a high level of self-sufficiency frequently take pride in their ongoing and effective educational systems.
We can be certain of economic growth, a decline in crime, the availability of competent labor, among many other advantages, with a strong educational development.


According to UNICEF, “2.8 million children are in urgent need of education” in the northeastern part of Nigeria. The Rise to Inspire Africa Initiative believes it is wise to use her youth to help stop this threat using the following approach in light of these unsettling and scary statistics:

Digital Literacy
Conduct and organize ICT classes to teach and increase the awareness of computer literacy to promote Digital Technology.
Conducting sensitization activities with local authorities, traditional leaders on the need to educating a girl child while Advocating capacity building for teachers.
Creating awareness on the effect of poor education and tit's effect on the economy.
Advocate for the introduction of ICT and Digital technology at the elementary stage of schooling.

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